Left 4 Dead- Full Walkthrough Episode 1: Chapter 1 [No Mercy]


Please read the decription before watching- Quality will improve later on This is going to be my first (and ever) walkthrough of the 2008 Game of the Year Edition, and undoubtedbly one of my all-time favorite zombie/infected FPS games: Left 4 Dead 1 Many parts of the campaign were 'simply' nostalgic and untimely humorous in some bits,including the epic FAIL Hunter faceplant. More to come later on. Left 4 Dead @ Valve Incorporation. All rights reserved Recorder: MSI Afterburner( Imo the best free on-screen game recorder w/ "no watermark or time limit",) Played at Normal Difficulty to showcase both the map itself and to test the performance/quality of the cam-recorder *sigh* If only Turtle Rock Studios were the company to actually finalize the beta..but in any case~ Thank you Valve for making such an incredible game ;)