Strict Rules The Cast Of Breaking Bad Had To Follow


Little-known facts from behind the scenes of Breaking Bad! Subscribe to our channel: ‘Breaking Bad’ is considered one of the greatest shows of all time. Though its ratings were modest when it first started airing back in 2007, it eventually found its audience. By the time the series concluded in 2013, it was one of AMC’s most popular and beloved shows. While the series was undoubtedly a ton of fun to make, the cast and crew still had to face their fair share of challenges. As leading man Walter White, Bryan Cranston had to face down some significant emotional and physical challenges. For anyone familiar with Walter’s journey in the show, it should be clear how intense things become. Cranston had to dig into some pretty dark places to achieve some of the most profound and moving scenes. Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman had to face a number of challenges too. From dealing with the passing of his girlfriend to actual physical injuries, Paul was put through the ringer. Not to mention he had to put up with Cranston’s relentless (but always endearing) teasing. But he emerged on the other side, stronger and more seasoned than ever. The rest of the supporting cast had to deal with intense emotions as well. Dean Norris, Betty Brandt, Anna Gunn and RJ Mitte all have their stories about challenging scenes that pushed them to their limits. Even the ‘Breaking Bad’ crew had to deal with their own unique set of obstacles to overcome. Let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing obstacles the cast and crew of ‘Breaking Bad’ faced and how they managed to achieve greatness by not backing down. Our Social Media: Our Website