APEX LEGENDS RAP by JT Music & Rockit Gaming


Subscribe for More Music ▶ http://jtmch.co/SubJT JT Merch ▶ http://jtmerch.com **Song Download Links Below** So Apex Legends came out of nowhere, eh? We didn't hesitate and partnered with Rockit Gaming to make this rap! ♪ Download Links ♪ iTunes ▶ https://apple.co/2X1vZTg Spotify ▶ https://jtmch.co/2X30U1F GooglePlay ▶ https://jtmch.co/2TJpMZT Soundcloud ▶ http://bit.ly/2BzLvg7 Check out Rockit Gaming ▶ https://jtmch.co/2Uon7EQ ***************************************** Follow us on Twitter! ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMTwitter Join our Discord! ▶ https://jtmch.co/JTMDiscord Follow our Instagram ▶ http://jtmch.co/JTMInsta Powered by Xidax. Check out custom PCs here! http://www.xidax.com/jtmusic Want to use our music? Read this first: https://jtmch.co/JTMusicUsage APEX LEGENDS RAP by JT Music & Rockit Gaming