Kristen Wiig's Greatest Impressions


Kristen Wiig had an amazing run on Saturday Night Live and helped raise it to a much higher level with her amazing characters. There are so many videos online focussing on Wiig’s original characters like Penelope, Shana, Target Lady, etc, that I chose to focus on her wonderful gift impersonating other stars and celebrities. Kristen Wiig as an obvious pro at improvisation, but it’s her ability to pick up the most subtle characteristics and behavior that makes her so incredible. I almost forgot I was watching her as Madonna, Drew Barrymore, Kris Jenner, Bjork, and Jennifer Tilly because her imitation of the was so uncanny. Other highlights: Classic film stars from the Golden Age of Hollywood (Katherine Hepburn, Judy Garland, Gloria Swanson, etc). #KristenWiig #KristenWiigImpressions