10 People Who Took Gaming Way Too Far


10 gamers who took their gaming way too far! From Nintendo's Pokemon to those who just take their video games to the next level. Subscribe now to The Gamer! Click here: https://goo.gl/9cpWgf There’s no question that players will do a lot to showcase their love for games. Well, if you thought sneaking a game into school was crazy… you haven’t seen nothing yet. We have gathered some of the craziest examples of gamers who took their love for the game way too far. For example, there’s those gamers who play real-life versions of games like Fortnite and Minecraft when the real one isn’t enough. Mr. Beast loves holding these real-life competitions when he’s not hosting his own gaming content. Then there’s the guy so obsessed with Pokemon Go that he practically owns stock in a cell phone company. Instead of just paying for a new console, a bunch of people decided it would be better to compete in a special Wii contest where they weren’t allowed to use the bathroom. The contest did not have a happy ending. Then there’s the people who love collecting video game memorabilia like coins. Pokemon gamers always take things to the next level, including a Pokemon game who was somehow able to recreate Pokemon Red in the middle of Minecraft. The game within a game is so impressive, but took incredibly long to build. Then there’s a Mario gamer who got bored with the traditional way to win and took MONTHS to figure out a unique way to defeat a game. Yikes. Join us at The Gamer as we highlight these gamers who took things WAY too far and probably have plenty of regrets along the way.