FaZe Apex On The Future Of Gaming and The History Of FaZe Clan - LightHarted Podcast With Josh Hart

Welcome to the LightHarted Podcast with Rising NBA Star Josh Hart (New Orleans Pelicans) & Rising Business Mogul Matt Hillman (Cut + Sew). It's an honor & a privilege to have FaZe Apex (content creator, businessman, owner of FaZe Clan) with Josh & Matt from FaZe HQ for a more than special episode to discuss: No Free Deals on YouTube, Josh Being the Rep of Gaming in the NBA, Fortnite World Cup, The popularity of faze clan, Being embarrassed of gaming originally, Having celebrities as fans, The Ninja/Drake Stream, Money in gaming, Recruiting the youngest Gamer, Talking to parents about their talented children, Other orgs, Joining FaZe Clan in 2011 & how it happened , The New York House & Hitting 1M Subscribers on YouTube, How the logo & hand signal has been created, #FaZeUp, Getting more involved in the business, Josh & Matt Investing in FaZe Clan & the infrastructure of the group, Those being asked to join FaZe Clan & recruitment of new talent, The LightHarted 10 & more. Presented by Venmo (Friend @lighthartedpodcast) Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/lightharted-podcast-with-josh-hart/id1469286394Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/2WjlP2bXcUnFYJyjyv2bSU?si=cxhEUFlDQNqAy3st4J6MbQ