Predicting The Biggest Box Office Bombs Of 2019


Predicting the biggest box office bombs of 2019 isn’t a pleasant thing - we aren’t rooting for any movie to fail, but some films just seem like they’re going to bomb the second we catch wind of them. 2019 has a few movies that - for whatever various reasons - look like they won’t attract audiences. We’re not saying these movies will be the worst of 2019 - well, for the most part that’s true - we just don’t think anyone’s going to see them. Cats the broadway play will be a movie in December 2019. “Why?” You ask? Good question. No one wants to see a movie version of Cats. Broadway seems to translate more misses than hits so this is a dicey proposition. Yes, musicals are doing better of late, but Cats opens up the same weekend as Star Wars Episode IX. Rian Johnson backlash or not, Cats won’t scratch its way past Star Wars. Serenity set a very odd mood in its trailers. In fact, the mood is so odd you’re probably wondering what Serenity is about? We haven’t a clue. All we know for sure is Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway are in it, and they were in Interstellar. Is it a drama? A murder mystery? We can all find out in late January 2019, but keep in mind that January is usually a dump season for movie studios - given the star power behind this one, a January release doesn’t look good for Serenity’s box office returns. Serenity | 0:18 Alita: Battle Angel | 1:26 Captive State | 2:37 The Best of Enemies | 3:37 The New Mutants | 4:44 Gemini Man | 5:40 Terminator 6 | 6:35 Cats | 7:33